Sunday, September 9, 2012


  1. Hi Robin,

    I just read your recent Gawker article. We share many veiws and experiences. I stripped during college to help support myself. I now have a Masters degree from an Ivy League University, but in truth the corporate culture I have been participating in is incompatible with my politics, my artistic ambitions, and what I consider acceptable for myself in general. I was happier as a sex worker and much more directly connected with my desired life trajectory (ie freedom/ artistic ambitions/ financial security, independence)than I am presently.

    I wanted to inquire as to whether you would be open to my asking more specific questions of you regarding your current and my former industry affiliation. I'd like to communicate with an informed professional on a deeper level about this and believe you may be an exemplary source.

    If you are amenable to this request for an informational interview, you may feel free to contact me at-

    or provide instructions as to how you prefer to be contacted.

    Thank you for your time, condsideration, and dedication the dissemination of vitale information.



  2. I also encountered this blog through the Gawker article. I am just finishing a book about prostitution. My copy editor and I can't agree on a title. Here are some possibilities - any feedback is appreciated:

    Prostitution: How the world's oldest profession thrives in today's marketplace
    The Sex Market: How Prostitutes Make Money Today.
    Hookers here, hookers there, hookers everywhere.
    The Sex Market: Hookers here, hookers there, hookers everywhere.
    The Economics of Prostitution (sounds waaay too scholarly, which this book isn't)

    Please let me know at



  3. Correction: I found this blog from a Slate article, which in turn was linked from Instapundit.

  4. Hi Robin

    What's the best way to contact you to ask for permission to repost one of your recent articles "How to tell your parents you're a prostitute" on our Australian website

    We LOVE your post and your writing and would love to republish it with your permission.



    1. Hey Rebecca,
      Just saw this; so sorry for the late reply! Jezebel has the rights to the piece, so you'll have to contact them about it. Thanks so much for getting in touch, and if they're alright with it, you certainly have my blessing.

  5. I'm a webcam performer, and found incredible parallels in your post and would like to say it was fantastic! Thank you for writing such an insightful article about being a sex worker.