Monday, January 24, 2011

21st century

It'll take me a while to get everything set up here, but eventually this site will be an archive of essays and drawings, and new work as I go along. For now, here are a few photos from Bless This Mess at Gallery 400.
The show is up until March 12th, 2011, with work by Lee Relvas, Jail Flanagan, Edie Fake, and myself.

Gallery 400 is at 400 S. Peoria. Edie and Lee will perform on March 2nd, and there are lectures between now and then by Eileen Myles, A.A. Bronson, and others. 

And here's one from Hey, We're All Beginners Here! (with Mike Wolf, Salem Collo-Julin, Sarah Kavage, and others) at Roots and Culture in August 2010.