1. I, like at least 10,000,000 others, have first been introduced to you're intellectual view on 'sex work' through the tosh blog, (not ashamed to admit that I enjoy the occasional puke joke). The article linked was very interesting, but as a straight, white, middle class, male reader, I am used to being told that I am 'incapable of fully understanding how others view the subject ('the subject' meaning any intellectual subject I find myself at odds with the second party of a discussion) in reality.' Firstly, why do you refuse, entirely, to use the word prostitution to describe 'sex work.' I agree that the word has a vehemently negative connotation, but as a person who employs herself as a member of this occupation (and evidently has no personal qualms about doing so) why avoid the word? this is made all the more mysterious to me by the fact that you alluded to being a queer, which to me has a more negative connotation (very unfortunately) than being a prostitute. Secondly, I feel that the fact that you felt (I feel it is fair to say after reading your article) ashamed before your parents you still rectify yourself with society as a whole, (these points are connected by the fact that I view my parents as the representation of societal values within the confines of my own environment.) There are a couple other points I am unsure about, but cannot express in a way that conveys my reasoning without upsetting you (or sounding more like an ass hole) any more than i have already done. If you could possibly find the time, I always enjoy having an intelligent conversation with someone with a unique stance on social issues. I will be monitoring this blog, so if you could please use it to contact me I would be greatly indebted to you!

    Thank you Robin,

    Johnny the thinker.

    p.s. I realize that I strike a patronizing tone at times, but I sincerely and heartily mean nothing near it. I am honestly curious, and have never heard anything coming from this p.o.v. (from any ideology). consequently, please excuse the self-righteous voice, as it comes from ignorance rather than insolence. Thank You!!!!

  2. I'm not sure where you got the idea that I "refuse, entirely" to use the word 'prostitution' in my writing, as I frequently use the words 'prostitution' and 'prostitute'--in addition to 'sex work.' Sex work is an umbrella term that includes but is not limited to prostitution; you can look that up on your own if you're still unclear. I don't feel ashamed about what I do in front of my parents or anyone else; there's a big difference between being uncomfortable discussing something (and disagreeing about it) and being ashamed of it. They don't feel ashamed of what I do, either.