Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ulrike Müller's Herstory Inventory at Brooklyn Museum through September 9th

from the Brooklyn Museum site:
Ulrike Müller's Raw/Cooked project includes: Many women’s symbols interlocked in a square pattern, 2010, Nancy Brooks Brody; Black & White Hands Reaching Across a Pink Triangle, 2011, Robin Hustle; Flag of a Female Asafo Captain (Frankaa), late 20th century, Unknown Fante artist; Untitled, 1972, Alma W. Thomas; Bowl, 1985, Lucy Martin Lewis

June 29–September 9, 2012

The fifth exhibition in the Raw/Cooked series presents the work of Sunset Park–based artist Ulrike Müller. With the goal of starting a conversation on the lesbian feminist movement and examining the visibility of queer bodies within mainstream culture and the Museum, Müller orchestrated a collaborative drawing project based on the inventory list of the feminist T-shirt collection at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She distributed textual T-shirt descriptions to feminists, queer artists, and other interested New Yorkers, and asked that they translate these texts into new images. Her exhibition includes one hundred drawings from this project. Additionally, she used symbolic lesbian, feminist, and queer terms from the inventory as search criteria to mine the Museum’s online collection. Through the display of approximately one hundred of the collaborative drawings and nearly twenty-five Museum collection objects in the Luce Center for American Art’s Elevator Lobby and elsewhere in the Museum, Müller creates a visual dialogue among contemporary queer culture, the Museum, and the history of feminist activism.