Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No-Man's Land
Links and Hair
Light On Spark
Links for Sharks
Watery Eyes
Wash and Dry Nights
Bronze Medal
Fuck Hound
Thrice Tailored
You Came and You Pillaged
The Pool
The Mouth Pool
Pillow Sin
The Sext Pool
Hedge Daughter
And Her Son Villain
Humdrum Work
Whittled Idiom
Out and In
Breast Binge
Angel's Food
Avon Lady
Sticky Kill
The Mold Toast
Mouth Spore
Chicken of the Woods
Smack of the Lards
Pure Aged Pork
Whippersnapper Spunk
Guard's Fool Punk
Heifers and Narcs
Golems Scare
Malevolent Guile
Rogue Sir, Hark
Grass Fails
My Kin Lie Dark
Rage Dark
Lobo Visage
Chafed Clam
Pulled Man
Porcelain Crown
Fata Morgana
Sirocco Dawn

I'll be reading this piece and others at Woman Made Gallery on Sunday, August 14th at 2 p.m. The event is an installment of Megan Milks' Uncalled-for Reading Series and features Mairead Case, Dalice Malice, and Jami Sailor.

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