Monday, October 24, 2011

Submit to The Land Line

Brilliant friends,
        The Land Line is a new quarterly journal with wild dreams and schemes, and we're seeking submissions for our first issue. We're looking for work that's raunchy, flamboyant, interdisciplinary, and intellectually rigorous. The journal is a kaleidoscope of research-based essays butting up against nonlinear comics, cultural criticism leaking into poetry. We want to hear about the film you're working on or the community organizing you're doing, but we also want writing that goes beyond your field and expertise. The essay you couldn't publish anywhere else because it's too sleazy for academia, too long for most magazines, too obscure for your local weekly.

Here's some of what you can expect in our debut issue:
-Sheridan Lefanu and sleep paralysis
-Independent contractors; labor organizing and performance by exotic dancers and televised wrestlers
-History and new developments of crack vs. powder cocaine sentencing disparities
-Ask a Virg-ho, sex advice from a sex worker
-First installment of a column about names, self-naming and name-sharing

          The journal is put together by a loose collective of staunch amateurs, distributed for free, and free of ads. We do layout by hand and print on newsprint, black and white, tabloid format. We're all feeling giddy about the first issue of The Land Line and hope you'll be a part of the project. Deadline is November 25th, but we'd love to hear about what you're working on as soon as possible so we can start piecing things together and, you know, get even more excited.

Robin Hustle, prose editor
Edie Fake and Grant Reynolds, comics editors
Fionnuala Cook, poetry editor
and all of us at The Land Line

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